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We are the University of Plymouth Amateur Dramatics society (UPAD) and we meet every Tuesday 6:30-8:30 for fun drama workshops in Babbage 411! Later on in the term these sessions become rehearsals for the two showcases that we put on each year, one at Christmas and one at Easter, in which we aim to give everybody who auditions a part in both of these. Our motto is "Act. Write. Don't Sing." which distinguishes us from the Musical Theatre Group (However by no means does it stop us from singing at the socials, or to incorporate music and originally written songs into our devised pieces and member written plays). We encourage people of all abilities and skills to join, as we provide opportunities for people interested in working backstage and writers as well as actors. We charge one membership fee of £10 at the start of the year which covers show fees and props/costume.
At the UPSU 2016 Society & Activity Awards, our Christmas showcase won the best One-Off event. We were also selected as one of the 6 nominees for the Society of the Year Award.


We hold roughly two socials per month which are a mixture of fun drinking socials with inventive and varied games (highlight of the year is Dare Night!) and also trips to the theatre and other non-drinking activities such as the cinema and bowling. At the end of each academic year we also organise annual UPAD Awards Nights which are free for all the members to attend. They allow us to recognise and award the dedication, talent and experiences that have bonded our society.


We hold two showcases in the academic year and all of our produced plays are originally written by the members. The first is the Christmas Showcase, held in the penultimate week of the first semester and comprising of several shorter pieces with all members who audition being given roughly equal roles. The second is the Easter Showcase, which usually takes place in the lead-up to the Easter holidays. This showcase features fewer longer pieces and every member who auditions will be given a role.  Unfortunately, due to rehearsals we cannot accept new members after audition day each semester. The workshops however are open for anyone who wishes to come along and they take place throughout September, October, January and February (feel free to email/ FB message us for more detailed information).

Social Media

We encourage all of our members and students interested in our society to join our Facebook group. It contains most up to date information and is actively used by all of our member to communicate and post relevant information:


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