TW Sexual Violence and Harrassment: The content and links on the following page(s) relate to assault, abuse and harassment, which may affect or trigger survivors and other students. If you need support, please visit the University's Support page for detailed information on internal and external support services, as well as specialist services

Speak Up Tool

The Speak Up reporting tool allows staff, students, University contractors and anyone else outside of the University (who interacts with our staff and students) to report incidents that have taken place on or off-campus (including placement providers). Incuding:

  • bullying or harassment
  • hate incidents
  • relationship or domestic abuse
  • sexual assault
  • sexual harassment
  • violence or harm

You can report on behalf of yourself or somebody else.

You can use the Speak Up tool to report anonymously or you can submit your name and contact details.

Speak Up Reporting Tool

Reporting to the Police

Call 999 if:

  • a serious offence is in progress or has just been committed
  • someone is in immediate danger or harm
  • property is in danger of being damaged
  • a serious disruption to the public is likely

If you or someone else is not in immediate danger, you can report any incident to the police by phoning 101. 

 If you'd like to report an incident to the police, you do not have to call them if you find that difficult. Through the Devon & Cornwall Police website you can make a report and they will get back to you about how to proceed. You are also able to report incidents anonymously, though they will not be able to contact you directlly, it will ensure the police can help stop any future incidents. 

 Remember, if you are unsure, uncertain or nervous you can speak to a Speak Up advisor, they will be able to talk with you about how to go about reporting an incident to the police. 

Report an incident to Devon & Cornwall Police

True Vision is the offical police website for hate crimes. You can use their website to report a hate crime to your local force but also if you have experienced a hate incident on the Internet. 

Report using True Vision



UPSU Advice

The UPSU Advice team offer free, confidential and independent support and guidance to University of Plymouth students. If you need support following an incident our team of Advisors will be able to talk you through the next steps and signpost you to appropriate services.


UPSU Advice Team



Social Media Platforms

If you have experienced inappropriate online via social media, check out the guides below on how to report digital content across a range of platforms: