Devon and Cornwall SARC introduction

Tuesday 22 September 2020

2pm - 3pm

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Devon and Cornwall SARC introduction

What Is The SARC 

Sexual assault referral centres (SARCs) offer medical, practical and emotional support. They have specially trained doctors, nurses and support workers to care for people following a sexual assault.

Introduction to SARC

How we can help:
Our friendly staff can explain what to do next and offer you support and guidance.
A doctor or nurse can give you a check up to see if you are OK.
We can gather forensic evidence, which can help the police prosecute the person who assaulted you.
We can provide you with emergency contraception.
We can arrange for a sexual health check up.
We can arrange for an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) to support you with the police investigation or to discuss your options moving forward.
We can also can discuss other support options such as counselling

Showround of SARC Facilities

24hr phone number 0300 303 4626

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