Employment Advice

A student, depending on household income, may receive a maximum of £7,249 in Maintenance Loan and Maintenance Grant.  If you live in halls that cost £140 per week for a 44 week contract you will have approximately £25 per week to live on.  £25 is not going to buy you a lot, so you may want to consider getting a job whilst at University.

Ideas to help you find work:

Have you worked before?  Was it for a national chain that you could transfer to here in Plymouth?
Have you checked out if the University has any student ambassador work, you can find out information on University student jobs by visiting Learning Development in Roland Levinsky Building.

The Students’ Union tends to recruit most of its staff in February / March for the following academic year.  Any vacancies we have during the year are advertised on the jobs page of our website

Check out the job search on the gov.uk page, lots of jobs are posted here by employers across the area.

Plymouth Evening Herald is the local newspaper and jobs day is on a Wednesday, this does tend to be geared towards more full time roles but it is always worth a look.

Last but not least if you have experience in bar or restraint work then the Barbican particularly is full of independent bars and restaurants that may just have a sign up in the window advertising for staff.  So it is worth putting on something vaguely smart and dropping your CV into a few places.

Sign up to Agencies, particularly over Christmas, when a lot of temporary jobs become available.  In Plymouth, Royal Mail recruits for additional data entry posts to assist with increased post levels, and they do this using several agencies.

Be observant, look in shop windows and ask for an application form.  Many shops will not just take a copy of your CV they want to see you demonstrating the skills you have.