Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee Facebook Group 

This Sub-Committee is open to all students to discuss ideas and feedback in relation to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Plymouth. 

To find out more contact the Student Voice team here.



Meeting minutes from Tuesday 9th November

Meeting Minutes from Tuesday 7th December 2021 

Meeting Minutes from Wednesday 23rd February 2022

As there were no attendees on Tuesday 29th March, there were no meeting minutes 

The Next meeting will be held on Monday 16th May, 17:30 in the Hive 

What happens at a Sub-Commitee Meeting?

Find out more about  what happens and why it's important.

Why it's important

The Students' Union is led by students for students and exists to improve your experiences as a University of Plymouth student, on and off campus. We have introduced Sub-Committees to open vital discussions to the wider student body, not just for elected reps. Any student is welcome to attend any sub-committee however, there are always key elected Reps who are expected to attend each meeting. For this Committee Meeting the following elected Officers are expected to attend:



What happens at the meeting?

At the Sub-committee students:

  • Discuss ideas for the development of the University or Students' Union. This may be on a specific topic or with a speaker from the university
  • Share feedback on thier academic experience and that of their peers 
  • Identify issues and discuss solutions on matters that impact on the student body 
  • Highlight and progress campaigns that aim to have a positive impact of the academic experience
  • Propose changes to Union policy that are worked on and presented at the Union Council 
  • Question elected reps about thier work and the progression of any actions set by the Sub-Committee