Open Meetings

Discussing the student issues that matter to you

What are Open Meetings?

Open meetings take place to make important decisions that affect the student body and ensure that the wide diversity of the student body is fairly represented in these decisions

Formerly Union Council, Open meetings are the space for any student to raise issues that are impacting students. Attended by your elected representatives, it is also the place to hear about the work they have been doing on your behalf. SU and University staff may attend to give updates or seek feedback.

Open meetings are also the place where those present can discuss and vote on policy proposed by students, a list of current policies can be found below. 

Any student can request an item to be included on the agenda, just email

What happens at Open Meetings?

  • Elected representatives can give updates and feedback about the things they are working on.
  • Students can query the work of their elected representaives.
  • Students representing Networks can feedback about their activity and seek feedback from the wider student body.
  • Students can discuss, organise, and support campaigns, events and projects.
  • Students debate policy proposals, and vote on whether to approve them to become the political policy of the union.

Policy Proposals

A policy proposal is basically a fancy way of saying "idea". Any student can submit a proposal for consideration. In order to submit a policy, you must have a proposer (you) and at least one person who will second your idea (seconder). You can then submit your proposal to the Student Voice Team, who will help you develop your idea, if needed, and include it on the agenda for the next meeting.

The members present at the meeting will debate then vote on whether to approve your proposal. If your idea is approved, it will then become a part of UPSUs working policies, and we will work with you to make it happen!

You can also submit your ideas in collaboration with an elected representative or Network

Please use the Policy Proposal Template to formally submit a proposal for debate - do get in touch with Student Voice for help with this if you are not sure what to do!

Dates of future Meetings:


Motions passed:

Motion Date Passed Date motion lapses
USPU Communications Output Refresh May 2023 May 2025
Volunteer Recognition Refresh May 2023 May 2025