Accountability Board


Holding Union Council members to account

The Accountability Board is made up of elected Students. It is their role to scrutinise the elected officers and student Forums to ensure they are being as fair and representative as they could possibly be, and to hold them to account. If you have noticed any issues you would like to make the Accountability Board aware of, please get in touch  at

The responsibilities of the Accountability Board fall into 4 main areas:

  • Holding meetings with the Sabbatical Officers to hold them to account
  • Observing and scrutinising Student Forums to make sure they stay democratic and that members of the Forum are being listened to and treated fairly.
  • Observing the Union Council, and making sure the decisions made are fair and representative.
  • Assessing policies submitted by students and making sure they are being progressed.

The Accountability Board is essentially a critical friend to the elected positions at UPSU, and are here to make sure that the student body is being represented properly by the best people for the job. It is within their power to offer improvements and feedback to individuals and bring up issues at the Union Council.

If you would like to get involved with the Accountability Board, please get in touch with the Student Voice Team!