Your academic experience should be as good as it can be and to make sure this happens, UPSU supports elected student volunteers called Course Reps to communicate the student voice and work with University staff to improve your experience. UPSU has a dedicated member of staff to support academic representation. We offer training and support to help reps achieve improvements, as well as working closely with the University.

If you are interested in becoming a Course Rep, you should speak to your Programme Leader and ask if there are any vacancies.

If you were successful in becoming a Course Rep but have not yet heard from the Student Voice Team, email us on to ensure we have your details.

Unfortunately all of the scheduled training sessions for this year have been completed. If you are a Course Rep but haven't managed to get trained, please get in touch with the Student Voice Team who can arrange an informal catch up about your role. 

Training Resources

Course Rep Handbook

Course Rep 101

The Importance of Data & Feedback

How to Guides

How to Log Your Hours

How to Make a Change

How to Chair a Meeting

How to use SurveyMonkey

How to Create UPSU Policy

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