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What is a Course Representative?

Course Representatives are at the forefront of the academic representation system. They work to create positive change at a course level so that every student at the University of Plymouth has an effective and fulfilling academic experience. A Course Rep’s role is to gather constructive feedback and ideas from their peers to present at the relevant meetings and to communicate any changes or key information to their cohort.

They will work closely with their school representative to make these changes. Course Reps are supported by academics, Student Union staff, the Vice-President of Education and their School Representatives.

Why become a Course Representative

  • Gain new skills
  • Increase your employability
  • Network and socialise
  • Make a positive academic impact
  • Be recognised
  • Reward and recognition

If you are interested in becoming a Course Rep, you should speak to your Programme Leader and ask if there are any vacancies.

Being a Course Represntative and your HEAR Record

In order for you work as a course rep to be recognised on your HEAR record you must record 20+ hours through the hours logging system. 

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