Annual Student Meeting

4th December 2018 at the SU from 6pm

Why it's important

The most important meeting of the year for University of Plymouth students at UPSU. The Students’ Union is led by students for students and exists to improve your experiences as a University of Plymouth student, on and off campus. Therefore, the Annual Student Meeting (ASM), is your opportunity to scrutinize the work of your Students’ Union and check that it is indeed being run in your interests.


Alex Doyle

Team leader, Union Affairs, Democracy, Strategy, National Campaigns, Student as Partners, Sustainability and Partner Colleges. 

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Vice President Sport

Ben Morris

Sport engagement and participation, Sport Campaigns, Sustainability, and Partner Colleges.

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Vice President Communities

Walter Bitty Inyang

International, Mature students, Housing, Community Partnership, Sustainability and Partner Colleges.

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Vice President Activities and Development

Charlotte Panchaud

Employability, Comms, Volunteering, Societies, Media, Sustainability and Partner Colleges

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Vice President Welfare and Diversity

Tilda Fraser

Liberation (LGBT+, Disability, BAME, Women, & non-binary) Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Sustainability and Partner Colleges.

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Vice President Education

Maja Smith

Education (UG & PG), Sustainability and Partner Colleges.

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  • Proposals to changes to M&A’s and By-laws (14 working days) – 14th November
  • Policy proposals (10 working days) – 20th November
  • Policy Proposals published (7 working days) – 23rd November
  • Reports published (5 working days) – 27th November

What happens at the meeting?

At the meeting students:


  • Are presented with the UPSU Annual Report. If you’d like a copy of it before, then please get in touch with the Student Voice Department

  • Are presented with the Annual Accounts of UPSU for the previous financial year, and an opportunity to question it. Ever wondered what UPSU does with the money that it receives? Want to see if it is actually being used to help you?

  • Can ask questions of the Trustees - UPSU is a charitable organisation and is governed by a Trustee Board.  The Board currently consists of six Sabbatical Officer Trustees, two appointed Student Trustees and between two-four appointed External Trustees.  The Trustee Board is the highest decision maker of UPSU, supported by the Senior Management Team and has collective responsibility for all activities of UPSU. 

  • Vote on any policy proposals submitted by UPSU members 

  • If those in attendance vote in favour of your motion, then it will become UPSU policy (assuming that it’s safe, legal, and financially viable of course).


General Meeting Byelaw

UPSU General Meetings Bye-Law Download bye-law