SumUp Card Payments

As a student group, you will now be able to accept card payments from students at your events such bake sales or quiz nights.

For any questions regarding taking card payments for your student group, please contact the finance team on:


Steps for taking payments:

  • You will need a generic email address to use this system. It could be one you have setup already, e.g., or you could setup a new one for this, e.g. You will not be able to use a personal email address for this.
  • You will need to email:, with the email address so the finance team can setup your SumUp account – please allow at least 3 working days before the event so this can be set up. This only needs to be setup once.
  • You will then receive the password to log in to the app. This account will relate to all events (current and future) for your student group.
  • Make note of the login details for both the email account and the SumUp account, so they can be passed on each year.
  • You will need to download the SumUp app on your phone, and login using the email address you sent to finance and the password provided back from them.
  • In the app, you will need to select "Enable tap payments".
  • We suggest you familiarise yourself with the setup and workings of the app prior to the event to ensure it is working ok and you all know how to use it.
  • After each event, you will need to email the clubs and socs finance email, stating the event date and your takings, so the finance team can organise the bank transactions.
  • Once all the income has been received, it will be posted into your deposit account, and you will be emailed to let you know this.
  • Please note, all transactions will include a 1.69% charge to SumUp.
  • Please note, all correspondence for SumUp must go through the email linked to your SumUp account.