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Alangel Joseph

Sports Officer

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My name is Alangel Joseph and I am your part time sports officer. It is a new role and I feel that my skill set and personal experience here at university make me well suited to it. In my past two years I have been the captain of the Men’s football 1st team, working closely with the SU to organise: transport for fixtures, meals after home games and other administrative aspects of the team. The attributes I gained from this such as leadership, communication and organisation tie in well, as the sports officer role requires frequent liaising between sports teams and the VP activities.

I endeavour to…

Provide a smoother pathway of communication, for the university’s sports clubs. This will be achieved through regular check-ups with the VP activities and drop-in query sessions for those in charge of the various sports we have here Here they can raise any issues or ask questions about specific changes they feel are necessary.  

Additionally after conversations with various student demographics, it seems as though clubs are struggling to reach students who may have missed the initial trial period/ sports fair. I aim to form a solution to this through facilitating social sport sessions with the presence of committee members to increase the feeling of connection.


Finally, I hope to facilitate more collaborations between sports clubs when handling problems. For example, if two sports clubs are struggling with the same problem, I would try to solve them together or put them in contact with a team that has overcome that issue. The aim of this is to increase togetherness across more sports and reinforcing a feel of a 'TeamPlymouth' both on and off the pitch.

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