UPSU Motivate Generate Activate

Motivate Generate Activate is UPSU’s unique wellbeing initiative which offers FREE and DISCOUNTED accessible activity to help you balance the demands of University with a happy and healthy lifestyle. There is NO CATCH! Just make the most of the wide range of opportunities available to you around campus, from Drake's Place to the SU roof, and off-campus, such as Mt. Batten centre and Bigbury Beach! Take on a challenge, do something fun with friends, stay fit, explore the Plymouth landscape or learn a new skill. 

'Today I feel the best I have felt throughout my entire time at University, in both body and mind. I put that largely down to finding a better work/ play balance and realising that exercise is not only a vital ingredient for reaching my full potential in all areas of my life, but can also be hugely rewarding and fun.' Jasmine, MGA participant.