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Roundnet is an ever growing sport in the UK and a massive sport over in the USA, so this is a great opportunity to get involved and help build the community. No matter what your background is, training sessions will be fun, friendly and for all abilities. For those that would like to play a bit more competitavely, we will give you oppertunities to do so with mini, club inter-tournaments and getting you signed up to and attending larger external competitions. 

For those that don’t know about it, don’t be put off, as we will welcome you in and teach you all you need to know to enjoy and play this amazing sport.

The sport itself is fairly simple and can be easily picked up by anyone! Whether you have come from another sports or just looking to start out. Roundnet is a 360 degree sport played in teams of 2 vs 2. Each team has up to 3 touches of the ball before it must hit the net to be turned over to the opposing side. A point is won if the opposition fail to return the ball via the net.


Check out this youtube video to gain a better sense of the basics of the sport: 



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