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Pole Dancing

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Pole dancing for fitness is a fun and unique sport; it combines acrobatics, dance and strength. You don’t need to have any previous experience; people from all walks of life have fallen in love with pole.

Classes are designed help increase your confidence, flexibility, strength and fitness, they run at a prestigious studio 10 minutes from the campus, at various times throughout the week. We have mixed ability classes available as well as advanced sessions, workshops (e.g. flow, stripper style, burlesque and doubles) and stretch classes.

Once you sign up to the club you will receive your first class free, this can be booked through our lovely studio owner Sam Remmer ( Following on from this, lessons are then booked through the art of dance website (, you will get a unique code which allows you to book lessons at a UPPDC discounted price. 


Socials are held roughly every two weeks until the last term where they are held monthly. Socials are usually a variety of nights out, meals and activities such as bowling or film nights, and a Christmas meal. Joint socials with other clubs are also organised!  This year we plan to go ahead as usual however we will keep an eye on govenment and SU guidance to keep everyone safe.


Events include competitions such as the Inter-University Pole Dance Competition, we also do a Christmas and Easter showcase to raise money for our chosen charities.


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Instagram: @uppdc


Check back soon for more events!


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