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Daniel Tierney

About us


We are an all inclusive club specialising in Airsoft, a sport featuring varied-paced, action-packed skirmish games. 

Airsoft boasts a cheaper way to play paintball-esque games with friends. We cater to all skill and confidence levels, and offer a warm welcome to new players and die-hard enthusiasts alike! 


Socials are held regularly, and include nights out, games nights, bowling, restaurant evenings! All social events are notified via the club Facebook page in advance. we're always open to new ideas for socials so, if you would want to do something, let us know!


Well-structured and casual skirmishes are held regularly, organised and overseen by our commitee and members. Skirmishes last a full day, and are the crux of the club – featuring several games suitable for airsofters of all skills and experience levels. We also run a number of games for members who are completely new to the sport in order to give them a proper introduction and help them feel confident in larger games. we offer trips to larger sites for events such as the walk on dead, a halloween zombie survival themed game in exeter. 

the club also organises a yearly trip to NAE in the summer, europes largest airsoft event! 


If you want to check us out on facebook and see what we're up to like this page:

If you have joined the club then please join this facebook group:

If you have any other questions at all! Feel free to message us on the facebook page or on our email!

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