University of Plymouth Vocaloid Society

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Here at the University of Plymouth Vocaloid Society, or VocaSoc for short, we have many fun events and activities planned throughout the year! We would like to welcome all kinds of people to the society - whether you’re completely familiar to the world of leek spins, bananas, and great songs, or if you’re only just discovering the Vocaloid world! So please feel free to come and have fun with us! We will be waiting for you with open arms!

We have many events planned for the coming year, with even more to follow. These include:

- Live Shows!! We shall be bringing to you the atmosphere of MikuExpo, right on campus. With holograms and catchy tunes, we’ll hold a performance every fortnight.

- Video Games! We will be holding events where we’ll play selected Project DIVA/Mirai songs, and compete to see who can get the high score.

- Karaoke sessions! Throughout the year we’ll hold many karaoke nights. Just choose a song and sing to your heart’s content.

- Dance Routines!  If karaoke wasn’t enough, we’ll be choreographing awesome dance routines to go along with our favourite songs.

- UTAU Software!  We’ll be holding an event in which any willing participants can learn how to install and use the free UTAU software. We will also be creating a Voice Bank for VocaSoc’s very own OC.

- Casual socials! We’ll be holding a variety of socials suited to all tastes – from trips to the local ice cream shops, to nights in the SU, we will try our best to cater to all.

- MikuExpo2018! As many of our current members plan on going to MikuExpo London 2018 (8th December 2018), we shall travel as a group and stay in accommodation together.

- Conventions! Plymouth hosts many small conventions throughout the year, which we will be able to travel to as a group; these include Devcon and AniManga Pop. We may also be offering places to go to MCM London 2019.

- Collaborations! VocaSoc will hold several events integrated alongside other societies. This will include screening anime based on Vocaloid songs – such as Mekakucity Actors – with the anime society.

- Many more! Hopefully VocaSoc will be able to host even more events, such as learning to make your own mini Miku hologram for under £5! We are also always open for ideas, so if you’re itching for a Vocaloid-related event, we will try our best to make it happen!