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The aims of Plymouth University Islamic Society are:

The Islamic society is a non-partisan society that aims to reach out and provide a support network for Muslim students on campus, as well as Non-Muslims, where they can experience the fruits of the Islamic community, grow spiritually, and get involved in many beneficial projects such as charity fundraising and community volunteering. And of course, to enjoy yourself and have fun!

These aims are to be achieved thereby the following objectives:

- Weekly Reminder: Every Friday we gather for a spiritual reminder, giving you a relaxed atmosphere to gain a spiritual boost and chill with like-minded students.

- Believe and Do Good: A week filled with smiles, goodness and selfless actions. Plymouth ISOC volunteers go around Plymouth on this week and try to put a smile of people's faces, non muslims and muslims alike. Last year we handed out free tea and coffee with roses which were designed with a Hadith label, and we cleaned up the community whilst also doing a treasure hunt at the same time. 

- Islamic Awareness Week: A week created to spread Islamic awareness amongst the public. Whilst handing out free Qur'ans and leaflets, this entire week involves an Islamic exhibition, educating the public about Islam, and also Islamic lectures. 

- Charity Week: In partnership with the international Charity week organisation, we try to raise as much money as possible for their cause by hosting a wide variety of events. This includes anything from ridiculous challenges and wild quiz nights, all the way to a professionally run week-long bake sale. We look forward to seeing you getting stuck in and ending the week with our big Charity Week dinner. 

Other events such as Quran buddy, lectures and regular social events are also planned. Look forward to the best year of Plymouth ISOC history insha'Allah.

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  • Islamic Society Standard Membership£3.00
  • Islamic Society Committee Membership£0.00
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