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Islamic Society Host Their Believe And Do Good Week

Written by: Plymouth Islamic Society


Believe and do Good (BADG) week is a week-long campaign to inspire youth groups and University Islamic Societies across the UK to participate in sustainable acts of good.

The aim of BADG is to carry out ‘good acts’ following the teachings of Islam. Islam places a huge emphasis on the community as a whole and encourages Muslims to be active citizens wherever they live.

Therefore, the Islamic Society designed a week of activities by keeping the 4 key principles of BADG (Believe and do Good) in mind:

- Feeding the homeless

- Donating blood

- Community clean up

- A creative act of good.




This year BADG took place between February 7th and February 13th and Plymouth Islamic Society delivered the following events:


- 7th February: Run at the hoe to promote better health.

- 8th February: Creating bags of hope.

- 9th February: Bags of hope distributed to the public.

- 10th February: Biryani cooking & mosque clean up.

- 11th February: Eating Biryani with refugees & Brother’s football with refugees.

- 12th February: Litter picking & homeless outreach.

- 13th February: Multicultural dinner where members cook food for each other and sign up for the Marrow register.


“It was lovely to see the unity and good vibes that the Islamic society had to offer at the biryani hand out to refugees at Devon & Cornwall refugee support. Thank you to the Plymouth ISOC for not just the food but the amazing company!”


- Plymouth ISOC member



BADG was an eventful week for Plymouth ISOC and included many activities that bought the Islamic society and members of the public together.

The socialising event with refugees was a personal favourite for many committee members as everyone found it very rewarding. They were able to connect their members who spoke certain languages such as Dari with the service users from Devon & Cornwall Refugee support. They are hopeful that this would prove useful in allowing the service users to get the maximum help that they need from DCRS and other services.



“My favourite part of Believe and Do Good week has been watching our members get stuck in, and often do things that are a little out of their comfort zone, purely for the sake of Allah (God). Litter-picking and running in the cold isn’t everyone’s favourite activity! But our members showed up regardless, and put smiles on lots of people’s face throughout BADG.”


- Aneesa, President of ISOC



As well as this ISOC would like to say a massive thank you to our members for their contribution and participation throughout the week of activities. The enthusiasm and the determination to get involved was remarkable.

Our members overcame some very difficult conditions to carry on. The litter pick happened amidst worsening weather conditions due to Storm Dennis but this did not deter our members and we cleaned up at the Hoe.

We awarded certificates of recognition to our most enthusiastic volunteers at the multicultural dinner and acknowledged their contributions.

In the end, we would like to say a thank you to the Students' Union, the staff at DCRS, Beckley Point and all other contributors without whom this week would not have been possible. 


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