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We pride ourselves at Debate Society for being well known on campus for providing a great opportunity make new friends and engage in a broad range of discussion whilst considering a wide variety of viewpoints. We welcome students to join us from any course and any stage of study - no matter what you're experience, you're welcome at Debate Society.

This year we will be hosting sessions every Thursday evening at 6pm in person on the University campus. Sessions typically run from 6pm to 8pm where members can engage in debate on four different topics that have been pre-selected by members ahead of each session. Our topics vary from week to week but include politics, science, international affairs and even conspiracy theories. We also try to hold themed Debates every so often to mix things up and let members loose on something a bit different. Whilst we officially end at 8pm, we welcome our members to continue on to the pub afterwards for a drink and a chat.

We try to keep things relatively informal so members can contribute as much or as little as they would like during a given session. There is no pressure to speak so you’re welcome to come and listen for a few sessions if you don’t feel up to speaking right away.

If you’ve picked up a membership, make sure you head over to Facebook and join our members only group!


  • Chair Person - William Styles
  • Secretary - Chloe Daniels
  • Treasurer - Sam Pritchard
  • Safety Officer - Viv Hocking

What Do We Do?

As well as weekly debates, we also have a lot more to offer for 2020-2021 such as...

  • Games nights
  • Inter-society debating
  • Socials
  • Themed debates (e.g. Gaming, Star Wars etc).
  • Quiz nights


Check back soon for more events!


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William Styles
Safety Officer
Vivian Hocking
Chloe Daniels
Samuel Pritchard


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