UoP Debate Society: end of year award ceremony

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The University of Plymouth Debate Society held its annual award ceremony on Thursday the 18th May following the conclusion of their weekly sessions for the 2023-2024 academic year the week prior.

The award ceremony, which took place in the Senate Room of the Roland Levinsky Building, recognised members for their individual contributions across the year as well as naming both our Comedian and Debater of the Year.


The annual end of year ceremony was a great opportunity to hang out with friends and celebrate each other’s achievements. This year I won Debater of the year, this award means so much to me, having previously suffered with anxiety in public speaking and this award signifies my increased confidence as a direct result of going to debate. – Emily Beazley, member.


Ahead of the presentation of awards, the ceremony featured a celebrity special message from London Mayoral candidate Count Binface, who thanked our members on behalf of the committee for their contributions and offered best wishes for the evening.

Split into two halves, the first segment of the ceremony recognised members with informal awards and special recognition. Informal awards included ‘The Newbie’ award for most improved newcomer and ‘The Storyteller,’ an individual that compounds their talking points with strong narrative reasoning.

Special recognition recognised individuals that have been members of the society throughout their undergraduate journey and are now about to embark upon their graduate journeys.


I've been a member of Debate since my first year at the University of Plymouth and have made some amazing friends through the society. The award ceremony was a wonderful way to celebrate and say goodbye this year as I prepare to graduate. – Lottie Hawes, member.



In the second half of the ceremony, awards recognised members for their educational contributions during weekly sessions, outstanding performance during our formal Parliamentary event and for consistently facilitating the flow of dialogue during weekly discussions.

Our ‘Gold’ awards recognised our Debater and Comedian of the Year as well as the outstanding contributions of our graduating committee members, whom have been actively contributing to the society across several years of engagement.


Our annual end of year award ceremony is really important to us as it gives us opportunity to recognise our members for their contributions and achievements within our society across the year. It was fantastic to see our members enjoy the evening and provided a sense of fulfilment for having contributed towards the committee this year. – Ehren Duke, Health & Safety Officer.


Closing out the ceremony, members enjoyed a hand-made buffet prepared by the committee. The evening was a wonderful way to reflect upon the academic year as well as provide a send-off to several of our graduating members that have been attending throughout their degree programme at the University. 

We look forward to welcoming those remaining in Plymouth next year as alumni members.


The debate awards ceremony was amazing. Not only was it a great way to reward members for their contribution to the society, as well as their contributions to the community, but it was also an enjoyable evening spent with friends. Nothing comes close to the excitement of hanging out with fellow debaters in an atmosphere of mutual respect and accomplishment. – Jude Miller, member.