Black History Month 2021 - A Statement from your VP Wellbeing and Diversity

Written by: Fawziyyah Ahmed, VP Wellbeing and Diversity


Every October, the United Kingdom celebrates culture, art, music and diversity as part of Black History Month

Once again, the University of Plymouth Students’ Union and University will be collaborating to host student-led activities to recognise this event. 


Black History Month is about more than just celebrating the history of Black communities; it is also about highlighting their unique and richly varied traditions.

During this month and beyond, we want to highlight the diversity of culture that exists amongst our Black student communities and educate students and staff about the amazing variety of individuals and traditions that can be found right here at our university. 

The theme for this year’s Black History Month is “Proud to be …” and has been inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter movements, it intends to focus on celebrating being black or brown, as well as inspiring and sharing people's pride in their ancestry and culture - in their own way, in their own words! 



The revival of the Black Lives Matter movement last year serves as a reminder to us all that systematic racism exists in our society and that we must all do our part to educate ourselves on these problems. It is critical to face the difficult challenges posed about race and racial injustice, as well as to highlight the enormous achievements of Black people both past and present.

There is so much to learn about BHM and the culture it celebrates, we will be hosting events throughout the month with staff and students within the University, find out more and sign up for the events at

The events will be open to all University of Plymouth students and staff. 


Learn more about Black History Month 2021 at your SU Click here