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Supporting students observing Ramadan

Written by: Daniella Marley, VP Wellbeing and Diversity

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Ramadan started on Sunday 10th March for our Muslim students, and most Muslims will be fasting during daylight hours until Monday 8th April. For Muslims the blessed month of Ramadan is a sacred time for worshipping, reflection and celebration and refraining from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset is a huge part of this.  

Ramadan is seen by the Muslim community as a month of benefits: spiritually, physically, and socially. However, it is important for us to take steps to support those observing Ramadan and remain aware of the potential effects on our colleagues and students of not eating or drinking during the day, combined with a change to sleep patterns.


There are some simple steps everyone can take to support individuals during Ramadan observance, including: 

  • avoiding placing additional burdens on them while they are fasting, for example not asking them to do overtime; ?
  • being considerate by not offering food or drink to them; ?
  • avoiding having study or social events that involve food, such as working lunches and team meetings where biscuits or food spreads are placed in front of them; and 
  • avoiding scheduling important meetings late in the day when their energy levels may be low. 


There are also a number of resources at the University available to support staff, students and fellow colleagues: 


Students can also contact Pastoral and Spiritual Support for specialist advice and guidance.