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National Grief Awareness Week

Written By: Daniella Marley, VP Wellbeing And Diversity

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This week marks National Grief Awareness Week, a compassionate and important observance dedicated to raising awareness about grief, providing support to those who are grieving, and fostering a better understanding of the grieving process. We know that the holiday period can also be an extra challenging time and, here at the SU, we wanted to share some support...

At some point, we all experience grief and loss. For some it’s temporary, but for others it can be enduring. Grief is different for everyone. 

Everyone’s journey through grief is unique. There isn’t a right way to move through it and everyone moves at their own pace. It is okay to take your time to grieve and be kind to yourself during this time. You cannot outrun, outwork, or avoid grief- it is okay to feel that your perspective and priorities have changed. 

While everyone may experience grief differently, there will be many people in the community who understand. They can offer support with their understanding, comfort, and compassion. You can assess support on the Together All community which is free to all students. TogetherAll is accessible 24/7 and they have trained clinicians that keep the community safe as well as a course dedicated to Grief and Loss. 

At the University, we also have our dedicated Student Wellbeing Services who offer advice, guidance or support with your wellbeing or mental health.

Throughout December, Pastoral and Spiritual Services at 1 Krikby Terrace have a Memory Tree to honour loved ones this holiday season. Join them in building a beautiful tribute to those who are no longer with us by writing down your cherished memories and hanging them on the special tree. The am is to celebrate the lives of those we hold dear and create a heart-warming display of love and remembrance. Find out more here.



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