UPSU Diversity Festival 2022 - We need you!

Written by: Fawziyyah Ahmed, VP Wellbeing and Diversity



We are hosting a diversity showcase on Wednesday 9th March 2022 in the SU building. The aim of this showcase is to celebrate the diversity within our student body.


Check out the event here 


As part of this showcase, we will be hosting the following events:


Cultural Fashion show:

We are looking for students to get involved in our fashion show, showcasing their traditional countries garments.



We are looking for club or societies to perform at our event. It could be dancing, singing, music performance etc.



We are looking for people to bring their countries traditional food, so we can offer this out to the student body



Celebrating and highlighting our diverse student body will be at the heart of this showcase and we are looking to work with students whether as a group or as an individual, and all participants will be offered a drink voucher from the SU.


If you would like to get involved in the above please email or fill in this Google Form


Contact Fawzi at and we will book a meeting to discuss the opportunities.