Disability History Month Statement from your VP Wellbeing and Diversity

Written by: Fawziyyah Ahmed, VP Wellbeing and Diversity https://www.upsu.com/representation/representatives/vpwellbeingdiversity/


18th November - 18th December marks Disability History Month. It takes place nationwide across November and December, to celebrate the achievements and history of people with disabilities and to encourage activism in the face of adversities they face. 

The joint themes for UKDHM 2021 are Disability and Hidden Impairment and Disability, Sex and Relationships.



Disability History Month allows us to celebrate success stories from the disabled person community while also advocating for change in areas of society that need better.

During Disability History Month 2021, we will host a few activities to promote accessibility on campus and to foster meaningful dialogue about what it means to be disabled in modern society and signpost you to important disability services that the University of Plymouth offers. 

The University of Plymouth Students’ Union is very proud to be joining in with the UK celebrations. We are committed to supporting and amplifying the voices and experiences of our disabled students and staff. 


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