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STOP, LOOK and THINK if you're considering signing up for accommodation for 2021/22

Looking at signing up for accommodation for the next academic year (2021/22)? Before you do anything, read the following advice from your independent SU Advice team.


So you've found what looks like the perfect property? Follow these three steps before you go any further...




Do not just rush to sign up for the first house you see, there are more houses than students so there is no rush.


Look at the properties properly, ask the current tenants what the landlord is like or if there are any problems with the house that you should be aware of


This is a legally binding contract, before you tie both you and your guarantors into a housing contract make sure it is right for you 



We would always suggest that you leave signing a new tenancy as late as possible for the following reasons: 


  • You don’t know the people you will be living with very well – you’ve only known them for a couple of months if you’re a first-year. 

  • The contract is legally binding, so if you change your mind over the summer then there is no going back. 

  • You can negotiate your rent or the length of your tenancy the later you leave it. We’ve had students signing up last summer saving up to £30 a week in rent! 




Did you know that the Advice Centre checks housing contracts?

Sometimes these contracts can be unfairly biased towards the landlord and do not tell you about your rights as a tenant. 

We can explain any unusual contract terms, and query things with the landlord prior to you signing it. Any University of Plymouth student can use this service, but you may find it particularly useful if English is not your first language.


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