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Notice of Referendum


Following a resolution of the Board of Trustees, UPSU have received notice to hold a referendum on the matter of the Students Unions’ continued affiliation to the National Union of Students (NUS)

A referendum is used to decide on upon issues that all members of the Union must have a say on. It is open for every student to vote on and all students can attend the Open Meeting to explore and debate the issue in question and register their interest in running a Yes or No campaign.

Key Dates;

  • Wednesday 2nd May –14:00 Open meeting, Students’ Union
  • Friday 4th May – 12:00, midday, Final deadline for campaigns information
  • Tuesday 8th  May – 12:00 midday, Voting Opens
  • Monday 14th May – 12:00 midday, Voting Closes, results to follow

More information about the Referendum Process can be found in the Referendum Bye-Law and Referendum Guidelines

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