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University of Plymouth Lecture Timing Survey - help make online learning easier



Hi, I’m Viv and this year I’m the School Representative for the School of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics.

I’ve been volunteering as a student representative for roughly four years and in that time I’ve successfully helped to increase participation with Student Voice within SECaM and last year successfully lobbied the University – with your help – to retain LinkedIn Learning as a digital resource available to all enrolled students and staff at the University of Plymouth for free.



With the transition to digital learning, we recognise that not all lecturers are remembering to ensure their students are given buffer time between digital lectures and seminars. On-campus, lectures started five minutes after the hour and finished five minutes before the hour – this gave both staff and students time to move between rooms and buildings as required.

In the world of digital delivery where physically moving between rooms isn’t required, lecturers sometimes forget that students could be timetabled anywhere up to six hours of digital sessions a day and this buffer time is still essential to make sure students don’t suffer from burnout and Zoom fatigue.


Enter the UoP Lecture Timing Survey here


I’d like to invite you to complete my UoP lecture timing survey, with the aim of building an understanding of where students aren’t being given breaks in the middle of two-hour sessions and aren’t being given ten minutes between back-to-back sessions.

With this data, we can help the University ensure that you have time to step away from the screen during your digital learning experience.