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Mya Symister

Engineering, Computing, & Mathematics

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Hi! My name is Mya Symister, and I am the School Representative for the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (SECaM). I am a first-year Mechanical Engineering student from the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean.

I will execute my role as school rep with a proactive approach and an amicable and highly professional attitude. I am reliable, punctual, detail-oriented and efficient. These qualities were instrumental during my leadership positions as service club secretary, teacher and personal tutor in the past year.

Within this role, I aim to empower students with:

  • Personal, academic and career development: I get it, filtering through your inbox can be time-consuming. By organising a central social media account for SECaM, students can easily access opportunities from the university and its affiliates, such as drop-ins, seminars, and workshops. Maximising these connections enables the diffusion of ideas, skills and broader perspectives between students and industry.
  • Building community: Peer learning is invaluable for networking, ranting and developing ideas. Encouraging collaboration through study groups, socials and societies outside the classroom can help SECaM feel like home. We realise an incredible amount of success by sharing and working together.
  • Diversity and inclusion: As an international student at a multicultural university, I deeply resonate with the importance of inclusivity for all students. That includes other underrepresented groups in our cohort, such as mature and neurodiverse students. I strive to partner with groups such as our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion committee. Our differences can contribute to an engaging and colourful learning experience for everyone.

Ultimately, the hallmark of a successful tenure would be the empowerment of students across the cohort. I look forward to working with students and staff to achieve results that shape our university experience in a meaningful way.

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