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Viv Hocking

Engineering, Computing, & Mathematics


Hi, I’m Viv and I’m in my final year of Computing and your School Representative this year.

Over the course of my first two years as a course representative and last year as the placement representative for all Computing programmes I logged more than 300 hours volunteering as a student representative – further developing my passion for student wellbeing and representation.

Now, with our new blended education, we’re going to be more dependent on digital learning resources than ever before. Within this role I will seek to build upon my successes last year in lobbying the University to retain LinkedIn Learning when the service was due to be withdrawn (now retained for the next three years).

In standing as your School Representative:

  • I will continue to lobby the University to provide high-quality digital learning resources.
    • Increase awareness of LinkedIn Learning.
    • Encourage the provision of eBooks through platforms such as Kortext.
    • Encourage the use of Microsoft Teams to facilitate discussion and engagement with students.
  • I will endeavour to raise awareness for the student support and wellbeing services offered to students through the University including modified assessment provisions.
    • Improve signposting during semester induction sessions.
    • Seek to include appropriate details in module handbooks.
    • Prominent placement of support services on course specific DLE homepages.
  • I will endeavour to encourage availability of digital lessons where practical engagement is not a component.
    • Where face-to-face isn’t feasible due to social distancing requirements, I will encourage lecturers to engage with students through Zoom.
    • I will lobby for recording and digital distribution of lectures.
  • I will also lobby the School to ensure that students are given appropriate feedback on their assessments.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and please get in touch if you fancy a chat!

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