Introducing the new and improved SU Volunteering Award


As your Students' Union, we can play a part in helping you become more recruitable to graduate employers through our SU Volunteering Award. If you hold any of the voluntary roles listed below, start logging your hours today and get officially recognised for your voluntary efforts.

  • Committee/ Members of a SU affiliated Society/Sports Club/Student Group

  • Volunteering or Fundraising for any charity/non-profit

  • SU Course Reps/School Reps/Part Time Officers

  • SU Social Sport Volunteers

  • SU Peer 2 Peer Trainers

Your SU is passionate about supporting you in celebrating your achievements and helping you become more recruitable to graduate employers. Start logging your SU supported extra-curricular activity today.

Achieve "Committed", "Dedicated" or "Outstanding Volunteer" status with your SU's Volunteering Award Scheme. If you undertake any SU supported extra-curricular activities, you can now log your hours and reflect on your achievements to acquire official recognition for your voluntary efforts.

"Many of our students volunteer in more than one role supported by the SU, and this new scheme allows those students to be recognised more easily. Given the busy lifestyles they lead, a lot of the scheme is also administered online so that our members can fit their engagement with the processes involved more easily. The scheme will see students get to grips with the tasks they undertake in their roles, the impact completing these tasks has on their community/organisation/team, and what abilities they will have enhanced whilst undertaking these tasks.


We want to empower our members to effectively communicate what they have gained from their extra-curricular roles so they can get onto the career path they desire."

Jonathan Robinson-Noades, Student Development Manager at UPSU


How do I log my hours?


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