Games Development Society host two-day Global Game Jam


On 31st January the Games Development Society hosted a Global Game Jam, the event ran for two days straight - from the afternoon of Friday 31st January until the evening of Sunday 2nd February.

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a worldwide event where participants have 48 hours to create a game around a central theme. Games jams encourage developers and those new to game development to come together and test their skills and creative thinking in a short time span. Some games have been developed after jams into commercial successes.


"People came into the jam knowing one person or some of them no one but by the end of it becoming good friends with their group and everyone else doing the jam. The event ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed pizza on the Saturday. All the games came out were to an amazing standard for the time given and I'm proud of what people had achieved in this short amount of time. It was a great weekend where people came together."

"Amazing support from my committee who went the extra mile just to help me run the event smoothly. And everyone who turned up who were all so kind and fun to be around"

Owen Howarth, Chair of the Games Development Society



The Games Development Society is a group for anyone who studies a Games Development course or has an interest in games development. They hold fortnightly Game Days where you can meet new people, hang out with friends and play a variety of different games.

Find out more about the Games Development Society on their society page here and through social media. Facebook

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