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Game Development

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We're a casual, friendly community with a common interest in game development and game art! No matter if you do it casually, on a course or are completely new to game development we welcome you to join and develop with us. We aim to provide a low pressure environment and to enjoy it as a social, community experience as well as a hobby!


Every week we host our two main events!

Wednesdays 2-6pm, RLB209
Our more involved, primary sessions! These include introduction Powerpoints with lots of announcements, game jam planning and sometimes learning new software/techniques through guided, optional tutorials.


Sundays 3-6pm, RLB209
Our more relaxed, optional secondary sessions, these are workshops where you can get access to 209 and the software on them, we'll also be there to support you with the computers, software queries and more! Please note we may have let you in manually at this time.

Game Jams

We do a monthly game jam or two! These are organised on the Wednesday sessions, where you can team up with whoever you please to tackle the themes and challenges presented during the time, if you're unfamiliar with the Game Jam process: You get times (Usually in our case a week or two!) and themes, then you have to make a game fitting the themes within that time! Its fun and we make sure to make it low pressure by providing extra time where possible and accepting anything at all, regardless of how much it is finished! We then show off our work and see what everyone's made after!


We have a Discord! Whether or not you're part of the society, you can join us through the student hub for the university! If you can't join the student hub for whatever reason, you can get an invite link through our society email, make sure to use a university email when sending the email, else we might not respond. If you've signed up here, follow the instructions as you join the Discord to get verified and unlock some extra channels and permissions!

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