Your Sabbatical Officers share their favourite act of self-care for Self Care Week

Written by: UPSU

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From the 13th-19th November is National Self Care Week, an awareness week focusing on prioritising your physical and mental wellbeing. The theme for 2023 is ‘Mind & Body’. 

As part of Self Care Week, your Sabbatical Officers shared their favourite act of self-care...


Tonari (su) President

My act of self-care is…

"Being present and getting off social media.

I know for me – last week was that week where I said, 'throughout this week, no social media.' It was good because I had more time. I had time back, which is one of the first things I noticed; I was like, 'what do I do with all this free time?' and then my mind was much saner. I mean, it wasn’t just going from this to this; I had better control over my thoughts because it wasn’t being influenced by different things – scrolling and not scrolling… I’m not saying delete your social media, but just take time off."



Darcie (su) VP Education

My act of self-care is…

"Journalling, open water swimming, and self-reflection.

I live near some woodland, and when I take the dog for a walk, there’s a kind of waterfall and a stream in the woods, and I really like taking my Airpods out for a moment and just listening to the sound of water. When I’m out open water swimming or just at the beach looking out at the sea, I love the sound of waves; it really makes me have that self-reflection time; it makes me calmer."


Isla (su) VP Activities

My act of self-care is…

  "Getting out to the beach.

There is just something really therapeutic about sitting and watching the waves. I think with the beach in particular, it makes me feel quite lucky; the scenery around where I live and around here is beautiful and unique, and I think that can be forgotten.

But, if I don’t go out and want to just stay in and chill, it is the classic pamper night for me – face mask, bath, nails. Pop a film on and just forget about everything else; I can just think: 'This is my pamper time.'"



Daniella (su) VP Wellbeing and Diversity

My act of self-care is…

"Reading. It’s my go to – particularly living near Central Park, in the summer I can get outside and read a book. There’s a perception that self care has to be big things, it has to be the long hot bath or an intricate pamper night or jumping in the ocean – which are all great if you have time for them - but it’s also just staying hydrated, eating regular meals, just washing your hair or just tidying your room. Those little things all add up, making a little bit of time for self-care each day is so important even if you don’t have the time for the big things."



What's on for Self Care Week? 

Check out all events taking place during Self Care Week, including SU and University of Plymouth events, here.

We encourage all of you to get involved with Self Care Week in whatever way feels right to you, whether that’s by taking part in one of our activities, reading our daily self-care tips, taking the first steps to asking for support if you need it, or just taking some you-time to focus on a hobby you find enjoyment in. Self Care Week can be whatever you need it to be.



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