Self Care Week: what's on?

Written by: UPSU

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From the 13th-19th November is National Self Care Week, an awareness week focusing on prioritising your physical and mental wellbeing. The theme for 2023 is ‘Mind & Body’. 

We (your SU), alongside the University of Plymouth Pastoral and Spiritual Support Centre (PSSC), have some wonderful events and activities planned throughout the week, as well as helpful resources and tips to help empower you to take care of physical and mental wellbeing not just this week but continuously throughout your university journey.



Self Care Week activities and events: 


A place to share music, passages, prayers, poems, and quotes that nurture the soul.

Socialise and nourish your body with a healthy meal of sweet potato sag aloo with flatbread (vegetarian) for just £1. *You must book your place in advance, there is a capacity limit.



Meet new peers and enjoy a free tea and toast morning in a warm and supportive environment.

Explore more of the Ocean City with a free, social wellbeing walk covering Mount Batten to Plymstock lakes! Please book your free place.

Take 30 mins out of your day to relax, reflect, and recharge as you explore the benefits of meditation.

Join in with a board game or colouring for some quiet time or to connect with others.



A free cooking workshop in collaboration with Food is Fun. Lunch is provided (and cooked by you!) so bring takeaway tubs so you can take the lovely food you have made home. 

*You must book your place in advance, there is a capacity limit.

Join Student-Led Volunteering to plant your own daffodil. We'll provide pots, bulbs, soil and care instructions, all you need to do is water it and watch it grow!



Discover the incredible world of Qi gong, where ancient wisdom meets modern practices, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, empowered and deeply connected.

Join us for the Mindful Men campaign launch, which centres around men’s mental health, wellbeing, and safety. Please book your free place online.



Self Care Week with GIAG

We also have our weekly Give It A Go (GIAG) sessions, including yoga, for those of you who want to try something new and move your body as part of your Self Care Week experience. 

Check out the GIAG timetable and find an activity you would like to try!



Self Care Week with SLV

Why not get involved with a Student-Led Volunteering activity as part of your Self Care Week? 

Volunteering enormously benefits mental and physical wellbeing. From the friends you make, the fun you have, that great feeling you get when you realise that you're making a positive difference to someone else's life!

SLV activities taking place during Self Care Week (Wednesday 15th Nov):



We think you may also find the following links helpful: 



We encourage all of you to get involved with Self Care Week in whatever way feels right to you, whether that’s by taking part in one of our activities, reading our daily self-care tips, taking the first steps to asking for support if you need it, or just taking some you-time to focus on a hobby you find enjoyment in. Self Care Week can be whatever you need it to be.