Victory for UPMD Netball’s 1st Team!

Written by: UPSU

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On Sunday 5th November, the UPMD Netball’s 1st team won a National Association of Medical Schools (NAMS) match against Exeter Medics 1st netball team with a final score 39-38!

Members of UPMD shared more with us about this victory...



More information about the National Association of Medical Schools league:


"UPMD Netball’s 1st team plays in the National Association of Medical Schools (NAMS) league. This sees them compete in the South division against other healthcare netball teams from Universities like Exeter and Bristol. In February, every year, the NAMS league finals are held. During finals universities from across country come to compete! This league is extremely competitive, many of the university's NAMS teams also compete successfully in BUCS."



Match overview: 

"The 1st team arrived in Exeter nervous but raring to go. They warmed up for half an hour and then it was time for the match to start. The first and second quarters were neck and neck with just one goal between the two teams! In the third quarter Plymouth began to look tired and dropped to be 6 goals behind Exeter. In the quarter time break before the final quarter the 1st team’s captain, Emma Morland, tried to encourage the team and convince them that they could still win! 

After some motivational words, Plymouth started the 4th quarter determined to bring the score back.

The girls gave their all, and played some of the best netball UPMD has seen. Pass after pass of Exeter’s was turned over, allowing Plymouth to close the goal gap considerably. In the last 30 seconds of the match the score was 38-38 when Plymouth managed to feed the ball into their circle and score!


When the girls found out that they had indeed beaten Exeter the atmosphere was ecstatic. This is the first time in the club’s history that they have beaten Exeter’s 1st team.


In 2022 they had an unfortunate loss of 33-30, and in 2021 another loss of 30-11 to name a few. It’s fair to say that Exeter weren't expecting to lose the match and didn’t know what had hit them when Plymouth played so well. We are excited to see how the team will do in the rest of the year as they now sit 3rd out of 8 teams in the South NAMS division! Congratulations to all of the girls that took part and to Exeter for such a lovely game. Here was the starting 7 for the match: GK Emma Morland (C) GD Ellis Milner WD Freya Grinstead C Ellie Webster (VC) WA Lauren Chown GA Hannah White GS Olivia ab Lorwerth Subs: Kazuri Lewis, Lizzie McCourt, Maddie Liversedge An extra congratulations to Freya Grinstead who received opposition's player of the match and to Ellie Webster who received player’s player of the match."

"I’m extremely proud of the 1st team, this is the first time we’ve ever beaten Exeter’s 1st team in the NAMS league! It was such a close and exciting match! When a lot of our team graduated last year, I was really nervous about how we’d fair in the league this year. Fortunately the freshers who have joined have been outstanding players and are working really well with the previous members of the team. Considering the team trains for less than 1 hour per week, I have been so impressed with how well the team is working together and performing in matches." - Emma Morland 3rd year medic, 1st team captain and chair of UPMD Netball. "The team put up an incredible fight in the match vs Exeter 1’s demonstrating hard work and determination through a tough game! As a new team, we collaborated, worked hard and supported one another. I look forward to the rest of the season and believe we will be able to achieve great things as a team!" - Freya Grinstead 3rd year nursing student and player of the match. "As a fresher joining the team all the older girls were so friendly and welcoming. As a team we gelled really fast which meant on court we knew where each other were and how to play to those strengths. The energy on court was so high and the feeling at the end of the game having won was unmatched. Having not beaten Exeter before made the feeling so much greater. I am really excited to keep playing for UPMD, improving as a team and getting to know everyone better!" - Lauren Chown 1st year Medic.



Get in touch and find out more about UPMD Netball Club:

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