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In our penultimate Candidate Question Time session, your candidate for VP Education answered your questions.

Your candidate for VP Education is:


You submitted questions in advance for the candidates to answer. Due to time constraints we could only pose the top questions submitted (based on those voted for by you, University of Plymouth students).

  1. Is there a particular issue that has motivated you to run for VP Education? What steps would you take to solve it? 
  2. To what degree are you in touch with any problems relating to issues experienced by different year groups, schools and faculties and how will you go about familiarising yourself with their issues?
  3. Often academic tutors are the first people students turn to with an issue (academic or personal). Do you think this works and how could this system be improved to best respond to student needs?
  4. What campaigns and activities will you undertake to ensure that the COVID pandemic doesn't continue to have impacts on student grades for next year?
  5. What do you think is the most important aspect of this role and how are you prepared for it?
  6. How will your background/experiences enable you to make the most of the role?

The following questions were submitted by attendees and answered by your candidate at the event:

  1. How will you ensure that those on smaller courses have their voice heard?
  2. The current personal tutor system is one-to-one between a tutor and a student. Often there are stories of students not knowing who their tutors are or tutors feeling overburdened. What do you think about this and would you support a move to tutor groups?
  3. Should you be elected what would your first priority be?

You can view a full list of all questions submitted here.

Please contact the candidates directly with your questions you can find a list of their contact details on their candidate pages here.


Come along to our final session to hear your candidates speak and pose your questions live:

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