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Update: Sustainability Q&A Session


For the third session in our Q&A series in collaboration with the University of Plymouth, we asked for your questions regarding sustainability at the University of Plymouth.

Sustainability can be defined as the ability to exist constantly; whether that is environmental, economic, social or human.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit questions, vote and share the page.

Your Environment and Sustainability Officer, Neve Peat, hosted the Q&A session with three key members of University staff to hear answers to your questions and we're happy to share a recording of that session with you.

Attending the session were:

  • Kevin Jones - Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering and Chair of the University Sustainability Advisory Group

  • Samantha Davies - Head of Sustainability

  • Paul Warwick - Associate Professor and Centre for Sustainable Futures Lead


Read all the questions submitted Read a full transcript of the session





If you're passionate about sustainability or just want to learn more, make sure you check out Neve's podcast 'Sustainability Uncovered'.


"Sustainability Uncovered is a new podcast about all things environment and sustainability at the University of Plymouth. Run and hosted by Part-Time Environment and Sustainability Officer, Neve Peat and Deputy, Kelsey Parsons. Respectively, this podcast is full of energy and explores hot topics that are currently sparking conversation across campus. These topics encompass the likes of microplastics, biodiversity, modern-day slavery, food wastage, environmental social justice, and many more. To elaborate on these key themes, the podcast boasts of numerous guest speakers ranging from student and student groups to lecturers, business owners, and key experts in the related fields."

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Check out episode 2 below where you can learn more about the work of the University of Plymouth Sustainability Hub mentioned in the Q&A session above:




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