Will Jones

Environment & Sustainability Officer


Hi, I'm Will Jones, I'm standing for the role of Environment & Sustainability Officer and am into my second year at Plymouth Studying Geography.

Before coming to University, I spent 4 years within local government as a councillor. During that time, I played a key role in raising awareness of Environmental and Sustainability issues around building planning, our garden village incitive alongside establishing a country park to help the local ecosystem with the changes associated with building a new environmentally sustainable village.

During my time on the council, my longest standing role was as chair of the Community Wellbeing committee, we worked year on year, raising awareness for local walking trails and nearby areas of outstanding beauty, to reduce people’s reliance on cars and driving further afield. This proved extremely effective during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many towns and cities saw many of its residence leaving home, driving miles away to get some exercise. Thankfully, with our local walking routes already set up, well maintained, and well published within the town, we noticed a big difference in the amount of people who were staying local vs going out of town for their leisure and exercise.

Finally, we ran festivals throughout the year, with local ales and spirts from the sounding area and some great local chefs and restaurants. Being a rural town, convincing the traders and bars to use biodegradable plastic pint glasses and food packaging wasn’t a massive undertaking, however the council was able to help vendors find suitable low-cost solutions from nearby wholesalers to keep costs down.



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