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William Kerry

Environment & Sustainability Officer

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My name is William and I am passionate about protecting our environment, in particular the marine environment and this is why I want to pave a career in this sector to participate in research, to create a greater understanding as to what can be done to best protect both humans, and the natural world cope in the face of climate change.

I am currently studying Marine Biology and have completed my carbon literate training. This has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the devastating effects that humans are having on the climate emergency. I believe that climate change is the most urgent issue facing society today and we need to use scientific research as well as education and innovation to overcome the worst effects of climate change. 

If I was to be voted in as the Environment and Sustainability Officer, I would work hard to;

  • Use my influence to see that the university is taking steps to achieve Net Zero
  • Explore all options with the University that steps are being taken to be environmentally sustainable for an example, using energy saving lightbulbs and reusable catering supplies.
  • Make sure students’ suggestions, concerns and ideas are being heard at all levels of decision making
  • Make short courses available to educate everyone what needs to be done to alleviate climate change
  • Collaborate with student led societies to organise fundraising to benefit the environment for example, fairs and pub quiz nights 

To tackle the climate emergency, we all need to work together, so vote for me to be the catalyst of your ideas concerning the environment, because together we can create change for a better and greener future for all life on earth.


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