Neve Peat

Environment & Sustainability Officer


Hi, my name is Neve Peat and I’m a second-year Geography and International Relations student. I’m the Environment and Sustainability Officer.

UPSU declared a climate emergency 2019, I believe there’s an increasing need to make a conscious effort towards sustainable living in all aspects, socially, economically, and environmentally. Over the past year, I have volunteered with the Plymouth Model United Nations Society where I have worked to facilitate charity and environmental activity and I believe I can bring my experience from this to support the role.


My aims as Environment and Sustainability Officer are:

  • I will endeavour to improve engagement with Environmental Societies.

    • Incorporate student-led sustainability into UPSU policy

    • This would be achieved through a monthly meeting with all the societies to have their input

    • Plus, meetings and regular engagement with individual societies and their committees

  • I will lobby the University and UPSU to reduce food wastage on campus.

    • Increase cooperation with local charities and food banks

    • Initiate a scheme similar to ‘Too Good to Go’ for students

    • This scheme would allow students to purchase a mystery bag from the cafes on the campus of food that would otherwise be wasted at a discounted price

  • I will endeavour to build upon the progress made by previous SU officers.

    • Seek to introduce COVID-Secure mechanisms to enable the continuation of projects such as the Swap Shop

    • This would involve moving it to an online shop, where students can purchase donated clothes for £1 a piece

  • I will try to promote sustainable living by incentivizing students to adopt sustainable living habits

    • Organise engagement through digital workshops

    • Increase engagement of sustainability through social media


Check out my new podcast - 'Sustainability Uncovered' on YouTube or Spotify 

"Sustainability Uncovered is a new podcast about all things environment and sustainability at the University of Plymouth. Run and hosted by myself Neve Peat, Part-Time Environment and Sustainability Officer at UPSU and Deputy, Kelsey Parsons.

Respectively, this podcast is full of energy and explores hot topics that are currently sparking conversation across campus. These topics encompass the likes of microplastics, biodiversity, modern-day slavery, food wastage, environmental social justice, and many more.

To elaborate on these key themes, the podcast boasts of numerous guest speakers ranging from student and student groups to lecturers, business owners, and key experts in the related fields."



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