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UoP Model UN Society attend their first Conference



On Saturday 12th October, two members of the University of Plymouth Model United Nations Society (UPMUN) travelled to Exeter University to attend their first conference as a society.

Chairperson, Alex Jobling, chaired his first ever UN Committee, in which a deal was made in record time on disarmament of major powers across the world. He made many contacts from Reading, Exeter, Falmouth, Bristol, and Cardiff, providing good opportunities for collaboration from here on out.

The conference lasted the whole day and consisted of two different Model UN Councils; a conference on the UN Security Council, talking about Chinese violations of human rights against a separatist group in Northern China, and a conference of DISEC (Disarmament & International Security Committee) trying to disarm USA, China, and Russia of as many nuclear weapons.



UPMUN Society said:

"The conference was UPMUN's first, and certainly won't be our last. We're planning a trip to Reading at the start of December, one to Exeter in February, and maybe more thanks to the contacts we've gained up and down the country.

Now that we know much more on Model UN, we have many more options on training and are looking into the idea of hosting our own conference, and inviting other universities' delegations from up and down the country!"

Find out more about the University of Plymouth Model United Nations Society here or by following them on social media. Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


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