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UPSU President’s statement on Men’s Forum motion

At UPSU we have 15 Forums which are run by Forum Chairs who are current University of Plymouth students, and the Chairs are elected each year by our student body.  Student Forums exist as part of the democratic political structures of the Students’ Union, ensuring political representation for traditionally underrepresented groups whilst, bringing like-minded people together to help shape political policy and improve the student experience. These include four liberation forums: Students with Disabilities, BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic), LGBT+ and Women. They were created in line with other organisations and policies because these are protected groups that have suffered historic oppression and marginalisation. 
A motion was submitted to the Union Executive Committee (UEC, the highest political decision making body of the Students’ Union) in March 2016 to create a Men’s Forum. There was significant debate over two meetings (View the minutes of the meeting) and after a vote by all of the elected student representatives (the Forum Chairs and 6 full-time Executive Officers), the motion did not pass with 5 votes for, 9 against and 1 abstention.
When a motion does not pass at UEC, another student or representative cannot bring the motion (or a similar one) back to the council again for 2 years unless they obtain 250 student signatures. We believe the student who wrote the original motion has been collecting signatures and we expect this issue to be debated again at a future UEC or at an all student Referendum.
This is UPSU’s student-led democratic process and our door is always open for students with queries about the above issue or any other topics.
At Plymouth University there is a Men’s group/discussion group for male students. Where male students meet with others once a week in a confidential setting to explore your ideas and values of what it means to be male. More info

Lowri Jones UPSU President