Top 10 Students Safety Tips from Devon and Cornwall Police

The Students' Union works closely with local police to ensure you are safe in the city. They have put together a few tips to help you have a good time whilst at Uni. 

1. Don’t let drunken behaviour stop you from landing your dream job.
Your actions whilst drunk could lead to a criminal record. Any cautions or prosecutions are kept on police records which could affect your career. Damaging property, exposing yourself in public and even throwing things out of the window could be a criminal offence. Don’t let alcohol affect your judgement and encourage you to do things you wouldn’t normally do – know your limits.

2. Keep your doors and windows locked.
A third of burglars enter houses through open windows and doors and once in it’s not just your room they have access to.Keep your doors and windows locked and valuables out of sight.

3. Help Stop Bike Thieves
Many students find cycling an easier, quicker and affordable way to get about the city.Don’t give bike thieves a chance, always lock your bike to something secure, security mark your bike and register it by visiting

4. Don’t be a victim of vehicle crime
If you’re lucky enough to have brought a vehicle with you, here are a few simple tips to help you avoid being a victim of vehicle crime:

  • Keep your doors locked and windows closed
  • Remember to remove all valuables
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition with the engine running
  • If you don’t have an immobiliser get a mechanical one, visit for details.

5. Have a top night out.
Everyone enjoys a good night out, but don’t let it go to ruin.Follow these simple tips to stay safe on a night out:

  • Don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol, know your limits
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended
  • Don’t go home with someone you don’t know or trust
  • Don’t walk home alone, cut down alleys or use short-cuts
  • Look after your friends
  • Plan your journey home – if you use a taxi, make sure it’s licensed

6. Don’t let drugs stop you from travelling the world.
If you are caught in possession of illegal drugs you may be cautioned or arrested. Did you know that a conviction or caution for drugs related offences can have serious implications for students wanting to travel the world and apply for future jobs.

7. Safer Relationships
Abuse in a relationship can happen to anyone.If someone tries to control you, hurt you or force you to do things you don’t want to – it is abuse.There is always help available, visit for more information.

8. Always remember to AskNED
AskNED is our non-emergency directory for when you have any questions that you need to know the answer to, but you’re just not sure who to ask, such as:

  • ‘who do I talk to about noisy neighbours?’
  • ‘who do I report an abandoned vehicle to?’
  • ‘how do I report a lost mobile phone?’

9. If you don’t tell us, we can’t help. 
We are here to help when you need us, but if you don’t tell us then we can’t help.  Now you don’t even need to pick up a phone, you can report non-emergency crime easily on our website at any time. But remember, in an emergency always dial 999.

10. Be in the know.

When it comes to moving to a new city it helps to be in the know.Devon and Cornwall Police have a range of ways to help keep you informed: