The Results: Student Elections 2022

Written by: UPSU


Voting is now closed and the results are in.

On Friday 4th March at 6pm we announced the results for the Student Elections 2022. The Students Elections are an important time of year where the study body elects the leaders for next year. As a democratic and student-led organisation it is extremely important that the student body choose who leads them and the student body. 

Scroll down to meet your new Sabbatical Officer team for 2022/2023.

A huge thank you goes out to every single one of the 1958 students who voted in this year's Elections and a massive well done to all of the candidates who have worked so hard this week to campaign for your votes.


Watch the results announcement below:



Sabbatical Officer Elections

This year there were 8 candidates running for 4 positions. 1958 students cast 7187 votes. 

Full breakdown of rounds of voting

The results are as follows: 


VP Wellbeing & Diversity:


Number of votes cast: 1663
Votes required to be elected: 831.5



VP Activities: 



Number of votes cast: 1752
Votes required to be elected: 793.5

  • Mitch Laughton: ELECTED - 874 votes
    Read Mitch’s Manifesto
  • Charly Beeson – 713 votes
  • Lisa Streltsova – 206 votes
  • Reopen Nominations - 10 votes



VP Education:


Number of votes cast: 1735
Votes required to be elected: 867.5

  • Tonari Arikekpar: ELECTED - 1155 votes
    Read Tonari’s Manifesto
  • Robert Nutkins - 560 votes
  • Reopen Nominations - 20 votes




Number of votes cast: 1757
Votes required to be elected: 878.5