The #TeamPlymouthChallenge is here! Starting on November 20th and Over the next four weeks we are putting societies and sports clubs up against each other in the first ever Team Plymouth Challenge. We want everyone to get involved in these fun challenges so we have designed a creative and active challenge each week for you to take part in.

Every Friday a new challenge will be released and will run until Thursday at 12pm. Each week a tally will go up of the sports club or society who are in the lead. The winner of the teamplymouth challenge will be announced on Friday 18th December and the winning sports club or society will win a £50 prize. This prize money will be deposited into your society bank account after the announcement of the team Plymouth challenge.

Challenge rules:

  • Only one team per sports club or society – don’t worry this still gives you plenty of competition with over 150 of you!
  • This competition is for all sports clubs and society members, not just the committee!
  • Multiple submissions per team and allowed and the best score/submission will be counted.
  • Bonus points will be added for number of submissions per society (each individual gets one submission per challenge) as well as another bonus point for execution, whether that is creative or active.
  • You must stay within the Government coronavirus guidance to be able to take part!

What do you have to do?

  • Using #TeamPlymouthChallenge tag us in your submissions on facebook or Instagram with your society name.
  • All active challenges need to be a video submission (this can be submitted as a time lapse)
  • Submit your challenges by 12pm on Thursdays for scoring, results will be tallied by Friday at 4pm when the new challenge is released.

Challenge one will be released on Friday 20th November so keep an eye out on social media

Please email me at becky.thomas@su.plymouth.ac.uk for any questions!