The New Campus Podcast That Is Set To Spill All The Green Tea!


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Being a part of a University where Dartmoor and the beaches of Cornwall are on our doorstep… The Hoe, a few steps away… along with having some of the best Marine Science programs in the country! It is no secret that the environment and sustainability are both dear to many Plymouth students and staff’s hearts.




Sustainability Uncovered is a new podcast about all things environment and sustainability at the University of Plymouth. Run and hosted by Part-Time Environment and Sustainability Officer, Neve Peat and Deputy, Kelsey Parsons.

Respectively, this podcast is full of energy and explores hot topics that are currently sparking conversation across campus. These topics encompass the likes of microplastics, biodiversity, modern-day slavery, food wastage, environmental social justice, and many more. To elaborate on these key themes, the podcast boasts of numerous guest speakers ranging from student and student groups to lecturers, business owners, and key experts in the related fields.



The podcast is set to premiere this month starting with a few controversial and trending topics. These upcoming topics and speakers include Modern Day Slavery with Clare from Unseen UK. Found back in 2008, Unseen is an anti-modern day slavery Bristol-based charity that aims to achieve a world without slavery. Clare will discuss this topic, the work Unseen is doing, and give us a few tips on how we can help. This episode of the podcast is forecasted to be an emotional but eye-opening one that will cause the hosts and the audience to dig deep.

Whether future themes are as deep as this one or a bit lighter, this is sure to set the tone for the many episodes to come. Therefore, immediately next on the roster is food wastage from the extraordinary students behind the Food4Fuel Project and one of UoP’s own Sustainability Champions, Professor Richard Thompson. These two episodes will highlight some of our own champions and hopefully raise awareness of their important and astonishing work and inspire its listeners to become champions in their own special way.



You can access the podcast via YouTube and Spotify as well as hear more about all the amazing work happening on campus and by the University of Plymouth Lecturers and Students. This podcast is about highlighting any projects or persons who are championing sustainability! If you or anyone you may know is a true environmental hero, do get in contact with us via any of our social media pages or email us. Additionally, there are monthly environmental forums where we give the floor over to YOU the students to raise any issues important to you.



More information can be found on our socials. Be sure to tune into the podcast and we hope you #staysafe and Champion Green!


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