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SSTAR Awards Nominations - Get the know how!



Each year your Students' Union holds the prestigious SSTAR Awards (Student and Staff, Teaching and Representation).

These awards recognise the many excellent University staff members and dedicated students we have here at the University of Plymouth. Highlighting the people that go the extra mile and make a difference, so here's everything you need to know about how to nominate!


Nominate your SSTARs!




Who can I nominate?


As a student, you can nominate any student or any staff member, including those who you have worked with in previous years as well as this current year. As a member of University staff, you can nominate any student, even if you don’t directly work with them.



How many nominations can I make?


You can submit multiple nominations, ensuring that you have the opportunity to nominate as many individuals as you like!



How are the winners decided?


The number of nominations a person receives does not count towards anything; nominations are considered in terms of quality over quantity.

Student Representatives sit on the selection panels which consider all nominations and decide a shortlist, runner up and winner of each award. Each panel is supported by the democratically elected VP Education, allowing the process to be student-led throughout.

Some awards may have both faculty winners and an overall winner, whilst others may have a highly commended and an overall winner.

If the quality of nominations is not sufficient, as decided by the student panel, it is possible that an award is not given for that category.

The panellists can only take nominations at face value and can not make a decision based on any additional personal knowledge, therefore you must include as much information as you can to give your nominee the best chance of being selected.



What is the timeline of nominations?


Nominations open in January and close on Monday 22nd March.



Can I withdraw my nomination?


Yes, if you would like to withdraw your nomination, then email with the name of your nominee and the category that you nominated them in.



Can I edit my nomination?


Yes, if you would like to edit your nomination, then please re-submit your edited version and the Student Voice Team will discard your first version.



Will my nomination be sent to my nominee?


Your nominations will be anonymously sent to your nominees after the winners have been announced.



Will you let me know if my nominee wins?


Unfortunately, due to the large scale of nominations, we are not able to inform individual nominators if their nominee has won, however, the list of all winners will be published on the website.



Nominations Guidance


What makes a good nomination?

  • Use the award criteria as a guideline
  • Include tangible and specific examples
  • Think about what makes them stand out
  • Be clear and concise
  • Remember that the biggest thing that affects the shortlisting or winning of an award is the strength of the nomination


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