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Referendum on Incorporation of UPSU

At its meeting on 21st October 2016, the UPSU Trustee Board considered detailed papers setting out the process and potential for UPSU to move from being an Unincorporated Association towards Incorporation (as a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)). The Board formally resolved that UPSU should do this.

Our Constitution (governing document) sets out UPSU’s powers to ‘incorporate’. Incorporation is the legal process of creating a new charitable company limited by guarantee, transferring all the existing assets and liabilities of UPSU to the new entity (which will have the same name) and then winding up the existing unincorporated body. Over the past several years, many Students’ Unions have incorporated, and it is now the most common form for medium to large size Unions.

We will therefore be asking you, as a member of UPSU, to vote on the proposal to incorporate (by authoring the Trustees to transfer of the assets and liabilities of the Union to the new charitable company and then dissolve the existing body) and to approve the new ‘Memorandum and Articles of Association of the University of Plymouth Students’ Union’ (our proposed new governing document).

This will be done via a full-member referendum between 24th February and 3rd March, alongside the Officer Elections.

Incorporation will have minimal impact on any individual student member.  However, the opportunity has been taken to update some of the current provisions in the Constitution, in relation to: 

  1. The title of the Executive Officers will revert back to Sabbatical Officers.
  2. Forum Chairs will be called Elected Part Time Officers.
  3. The number of signatories required for a secure petition to call a Referendum will be increased to 400 and in the case of a vote of no confidence in an Officer or Trustee to 800 signatories. (This is in line with best practice for a Students’ Union with our number of members).
  4. The Union Executive Committee will be renamed as Union Council and will include the School Representatives.

If you have any questions at all, please email