Rainbow Laces - Varsity 2019

This year at Varsity, students will be supporting the LGBT+ Community by wearing Rainbow laces. I have worked in partnership with Brandon Carr-Malloch the UPSU LGBT+ part-time officer to deliver rainbow laces to players to wear for their matches in Varsity.

Rainbow laces are important, as lesbian, gay, bi and trans people can have negative perceptions and experiences of sport, whether it’s due to bullying in school sport, coming across anti-LGBT language on social media, down the pub or during live sports.

New research has found that that most people want to see action against anti LGBT+ language in sport, but only a quarter feel confident calling it out. Rainbow Laces are all about giving people the confidence and the tools to be active allies to LGBT+ people in sport.


“Pride shouldn’t always be loud and proud; LGBT+ people are not a spectacle 24/7. Instead, pride can encompass little groups doing little things to make a difference. That’s why rainbow laces are important. They show solidarity in a single shoelace, and you should get behind them.”


It is fantastic to see so many teams wanting to be active allys of the LGBT+ community. At UPSU we want to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcomed whatever gender or sexuality they want to be. It will be a proud moment to see them our varsity teams supporting such a great cause on a huge occasion for UPSU. This campaign has the power to make sport everyone’s game.


For more information, please contact me on benjamin.morris@su.plymouth.ac.uk

Benjamin Morris
UPSU Vice President of Sport