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Transgender & Non-Binary Officer

On the 21st of June 2019, following online consultation with our Transgender and Non-binary students, your SU trustees voted in favour of creating a new Part-Time Transgender and Non-Binary Officer.

Students said that they did not feel adequately represented by our existing part-time structures and would like to see a new role which focussed on the experience of Trans and Non-Binary students.

Thank you to our part-time LGBT+ officer Bran Malloch and the LGBT+ society for their collaboration on our survey, and thanks to all students who contributed their responses.

We hope you are all having an empowering Pride month, but if you are struggling this month please look at these locally available resources collected by The Zone in Plymouth here.

For more information about the part-time roles click here.


Tilda Fraser, UPSU VP Wellbeing & Diversity and President-elect.