Cyclist Ben Millar shares his Funding Goals for BUCS and UoP

Written by: UPSU Activities Coordinator

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What does Cycling mean to you? 

Cycling to me is freedom, it is such a cliché, but definitely freedom. You spend a lot of time on your own and a lot of time to think and clear your head. The travel you can do and the places you can see is amazing, and this makes it an incredible special sport. Friendships is another one, there is a social element to it and working as a team, but also there is a competitive side to it where I am at now too. The training for bigger goals in the season and re racing element and the success that comes with it Is ultimately what I do it for and something to strive towards. The number one for me would be pure enjoyment though. 


How did you get into Cycling? 

When I was younger I started as a runner, cross country runner and I did that to a national level. As I progressed through the ranks for this, and I went to a specialist school for sport, I took up triathlon but with injuries and different types of things, cycling quickly took its place and I fell in love with that, and basically I have been competing in cycling for four or five years. So, before I was an international triathlete, a multisport athlete, I then made the transition for pure road cycling. Not the standard way and I wish I had done it when I was younger and taken it more seriously, but everything happens for a reason, and that is how I got into it, and I have been hooked ever since. 


How will the funding support you? 

Firstly, thank you very much for the funding support, it is amazing. Basically, for Plymouth the big goals with the funding will be BUCS Road Racing in May and BUCS Hill Climb in the autumn. The key is going to be the travelling and accommodation to these events. But it is more the daily grind of training, food, equipment, all those things, that’s the biggest help for it. I genuinely cannot wait for BUCS and the opportunity to represent the University of Plymouth; I had the best season of my life last year so hopefully I can continue that in BUCS for the university. Some of my career highlights are placing 1st  in the British National Emergency Services National Championships, placing 1st in the Queen Stage of the Tour of the Mendips, and multiple wins in Hill Climb Road Stage races. My goal is to become a professional cyclist and get results at the highest level possible, something I know I am capable of. My biggest motivation is to compete in the Tour of Britain. 




What is BUCS?

BUCS offers students the chance to represent the University of Plymouth on a National and Regional level. British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) offers you the opportunity to compete for the University on a Wednesday afternoon in a range of sports. Find out more about BUCS and UPSU sports here. 


Interview by Amy Spink, Activities Coordinator (Sport / BUCS) at UPSU.