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New Sabbatical Officer roles announced.

In 2017 UPSU, with the support of NUS carried out a full review of our Sabbatical Officer roles with the aim of ensuring that they are still relevant, that their portfolios are equal in terms of workload, thereby making sure that we continue to provide the most effective representation for University of Plymouth students.

The comprehensive review comprised of an online survey, desk based research and structured stakeholder and staff interviews. There were over 2,000 respondents to the survey with a wide range of feedback from our diverse student body.  NUS analysed the results, made comparisons with similar SUs and then presented their findings and recommendations to our Trustees for approval in December. 

The team shall remain as six Sabbatical Officers with the President taking on the role of team leader. The additional role of Deputy President will cease with the Student Governor position being elected from the Officer team each year by Union Council.  All roles will have the responsibility for sustainability within their remits and the responsibility for Partner Colleges will be divided out between the team. There will also be some changes to role titles and areas of responsibility.

After discussing and reviewing the feedback collected and the proposals from NUS, our Trustees collectively agreed on the new Sabbatical Officer roles and portfolios, to be in place from the 2018/19 academic year and beyond. 

Current Sabbatical team roles, 2017/18:

  • President:
    * Union Affairs, Strategy, Sustainability, Employability, National Campaigns, Comms, Community.
  • Vice President Education
    * Education ( UG & PG)
  • Vice President Welfare
    * Wellbeing, Sexual Health, mental health, Housing.
  • Vice President Sport
    * Sport engagement and Participation.
  • Vice President International and Outreach
    * International, Partner Colleges.
  • Vice President Activities
    * Volunteering, Societies, Media.


New Sabbatical team roles, 2018/19:

  • President: 
    * Team leader, Union Affairs, Democracy, Strategy, National Campaigns, Student as Partners, Sustainability, Partner Colleges.
  • Vice President Education: 
    * Education ( UG & PG), Sustainability, Partner Colleges.
  • Vice President Welfare and Diversity: 
    * Liberation (LGBT+, Disability, BAME, Women, & non-binary) Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Sustainability, Partner Colleges.
  • Vice President Sport: 
    * Sport engagement and participation, Sport Campaigns, Sustainability, and Partner Colleges.
  • Vice President Communities: 
    * International, Mature students, Housing, Community Partnership, Sustainability, Partner Colleges.
  • Vice President Activities & Development: 
    * Employability, Comms, Volunteering, Societies, Media, Sustainability, Partner Colleges
* = Remit and responsibilities

The new roles will be open for a student wide election in February / March (Nominations take place Mon 5th – 16th February with the voting taking place Friday 2nd - 9th March). To find out more about the Student Elections and the roles see

We would like to thank all of our members and stakeholders who contributed to this important review and helping to build a stronger SU for the future.