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Marine Biology Society host public lecture with Science & Wildlife Presenter, Liz Bonnin



On the 21st October the Marine Biology Society, the University of Plymouth and Richard Thompson OBE hosted "The Problem with Plastics", a public lecture delivered by science and wildlife TV presenter, Liz Bonnin at the Marine Institute. 

Prior to the public lecture, 40 members of the Marine Biology Society had the chance to speak to Liz Bonnin in a private Q&A where they were able to ask questions about her life and career, being a woman in science, her new projects amongst other topics.

The Marine Biology Society said:

"Liz was so interesting and inspirational, all the members really enjoyed themselves and everyone had questions for her. The public lecture organised by the events team, MBS and Richard was also very interesting and well packed out. Roughly 250 people came to the public lecture, made up of a variety of ages. Some students, some elderly members of the public and some children. Lots of questions from the children which was really lovely."

Bryony Pearton, Chair, Marine Biology Society said:

"Such an inspiring evening, the members really enjoyed the talk and all had so many questions for Liz. The public lecture was very eye-opening and presented in such an accessible way to the public, would love to do more of the same thing again!"

Sally Kunzig, member of Marine Biology Society said:

"I felt very excited and fortunate to be able to meet Liz before her actual talk, she was a super interesting person to talk to."


Find out more about how you can get involved with the Marine Biology Society by checking out their societies page here or by following them on social media. Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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